Friday, April 18, 2008

Wicked or ATV's?

So who would have thought that if Jason was given the choice between renting ATV's, going nuts in dirt and driving down to Hollywood and seeing "Wicked" the musical he would choose the musical. Man, did I score on a man or what? :-)

Really though. I ended up telling him about the ATVing becuase I needed to reserve ahead of time the ATV he would want. I couldn't remember if he knew how to drive a clutch. Anyways...I just went ahead and told him (he was super excited). Three days later the idea of Wicked came up. It was on his "wish list" that he was giving to his parents for his birthday. I totally forgot that we had wishfully talked about doing a day trip down and seeing it. I ended up asking him if he would rather see Wicked took him a day to think about it but, yeah, Wicked was the top choice. Man, I'm happy! ATVing though is still happening. Apparently he liked the idea so much that he is going to use some of his birthday money and we are still going to do it. Sounds fun to me! Birthday activities are's like a gift for both of us...hehe.

Random note: Do any of you ever have your sternum pop? It always happens when I stretch really hard. Usually it feels good but this last one kind of hurt. Jason told me that it can't be my sternum since it's solid but that it's probably my ribs...whatever, it feels like my sternum! :-) Do you ever get that?


Carrie Haughey said...

So jealous and happy for you that you get to see Wicked!! I have been trying to see it for the last 2-3 years!!

The ATVs sound so fun!! be safe! :0)