Wednesday, December 17, 2008


*I seriously posted this a few days ago. When I signed onto my blog though it wasn't there...weird. Ok, so let's try this again...*

I believe I can no longer remember what it feels like to be warm. What's that big round thing in the sky that produces abundant light? I can't seem to imagine it any more! Ok, so it's a little mellow dramatic but my oh my....i'M cOlD!!!!!!!!

I feel like I haven't been warm while awake for quite a few days. I'm warm in bed but that's about it. All other times of the day...buuuurrrr! I think there was even snow up in San Fran and in the mountains around Santa Barbara. That is a no bueno in my book. I like it warm. I figured that because of this fact the Lord will put me somewhere where it never gets above 50 degrees...just to stretch me. Maybe warmth is my "idol" and being put in a freezing environment will be the "thorn in my flesh." When I'm weak he is strong? Well, if this happens maybe I can ask the Lord to pack a few more pounds onto my body. I need some insulation!!!

So, it's been a while since the last blog. The van is all legal now...with California plates and all. I will admit too...I like it! I'm a mini van driving 24 year old who has no kids and I'm proud of it! Here is a short list of the things that I am enjoying about it:

  • The heat works so well and it gets so roasty toasty right from the start (which is obviously very important from what was written above)
  • There is a handy arm rest so I can comfortably drive.

  • I sit so high! I can see everything!

  • There is so much SPACE! I can put my work stuff in there, and my gym bag and there is still space to spare!
  • The back is always spic-n-span...I never use it!

  • Cup holders! (The truck doesn't have any).

  • A little sound that goes "bing" when gas is getting way to forget!

  • It also dings when you leave your headlights on. The truck doesn't do this either. I still can't believe we haven't killed the battery on it yet.

So, I'm enjoying the van. Wedding stuff is coming along. I think.... :-) Invitations should me going out any day now. Last Sat. marked the 8 week mark. It's coming soon. I also can't believe that Christmas is a week away. That's nuts! We did our engagement photos which haha. It was really awkward at first. That's for sure. I also had bruised ribs from laying on rocks. Overall though it was a good experience. I'm not sure if there is a way to post them on here but I will try. If they are on here then I was successful. If they aren't, then I wasn't!

Well, I probably won't post before Christmas so I hope that everybody has a great Christmas. Ooh, Jason showed me this rad blog. It's called It's a couple who traveled the world for a year as their honeymoon. I think they did some humanitarian work too. They aren't believers or anything but if you like cultures, pictures, and travel stuff check it out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm a really bad blogger

So, I used to be a blogging Queen!!!! What happened? It's funny because I feel like I actually have less to say now. For whatever reason I could always think of things to say when I blogged every day. Now, I think that I forget to make "blog notes" in my head. I know, it's a bit pathetic but when interesting things happened I used to think, "Oooh, I have to remember to blog about this." I don't really do that any more so things just get lost in my mind and I can't think of anything worth writing about.

Let's see what I can dig up...! :-) So, I'm enjoying the van. It's nice to DRIVE!!! Yay. I also enjoy the fact that it has ac, power steering, and cup holders. I'm immensely enjoying the fact that I can drink coffee and turn the wheel without feeling like I'm a hazard. (It was a bit tough to drink coffee, drive a stick, and turn the wheel without power steering). I can also text message easily while driving! :-) It's so much simpler when you are driving an automatic. I's not safe. But I was pretty good at it while driving a stick...just think how good and safe I am now that I drive an automatic. haha. So, the car situation is quite nice.

Wedding plans are coming along. We send out the invites in two weeks. We are sending the invites at the 6-week mark. It's a little crazy to realize how close we are getting to the big day. Very exciting! So, if you get something in the mail from's not a Christmas card! :-)

Overall things are good. I'm enjoying the company of Mrs. Fugler here! She's just lovely and her little girly is pretty darn cute. She's so tiny! :-)

Man, this week is a crazy week. It's getting to that time of year! On Tuesday night Jason and I have a Christmas party. On Wednesday night we have growth group. I work on Thursday night. On Saturday we have our engagement shots (yeah, we're a little behind on that!), on Saturday night we have another Christmas party, and on Sunday night...yes, ANOTHER Christmas party. Whoa mama! Kind of crazy. Good times though! Ok, well, I'm beat and I need to go to bed! Hope you all have a great week!