Monday, March 31, 2008

Some fun...some craziness...a lot of laughter

Nice and civilized

A Little Wierder

And it get's worse still

I counted 10. How many did you count?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some events from yesterday...

I hung out with "my girls" yesterday. I have been discipling them since the summer before their 7th grade year (they are juniors now). Last year one of them moved away. She came into town for Easter with her mom and so we got to all spend an afternoon together...laughing and catching up. It's so funny how much they have grown spiritually, physically, and in maturity. (They are way wiser than I was at their age, they are way taller than me now, and they are sweet girls who love their Lord). I almost feel like I'm hanging out with good girl friends who are my age. They are great and we laughed a TON!

The day was topped off with some "girl time" with Cara Badger. We watched Pride and Prejudice, ate Starbucks Mud Pie ice cream...and she made 15 pairs of earrings for Lisa Leonard...who makes absolutely gorgeous jewelry (how do you like that plug?). Jason and Keith went and played racket ball for a couple of hours. They had a blast and came back all pumped up. Boys like to compete with each's in their nature or something. Jason is stoked because he found someone that he can play with. So it looks like this will be our new Thur. night routine. Sounds good to me! It was a very fun night.

Switching now to a more somber note. We left Keith and Cara's and were driving down Madonna Rd. You could see some lights of police cars and what not up ahead. We figured there was an accident or something. As we got closer I saw something in the road...the headlights of the police car were shinning on it. As we approached I realized that it was a body...a man. I don't know why I didn't look away but I just kept staring at it. It was twisted in a way that did not look natural at all. There was no one around him or anything. When I looked at his face and saw that his eyes were closed I pretty much freaked out. I was sure that he was dead. Jason was shocked at my reaction. He's never seen me have a melt down before. At first I was distressed and sad and then I was just plain mad. They had him just laying there in the middle of the road for everyone to see...and with a spotlight for that matter. Jason brought me back to my senses and told me that it's possible that he wasn't dead and that it probably just happened so there hasn't been time to conceal him or move him (the ambulance wasn't even there yet). He thought that we should pray for him. So, we did.

I could not shake the image from my head though. It was so horrible and it kept flashing into my mind over and over through out the night as I was getting ready for bed. It took a while for me to fall asleep but I finally did. The first thing I did this morning was check ksby to see what happened. It was on the internet and praise the Lord he wasn't dead. REALLY messed up, but not dead. I guess he broke both legs and arms (which is the reason for the horrible position he was in), fractured his head, and fractured his neck (which is why they weren't touching him). He was probably knocked out when we drove by. He was a transient who had ran out into traffic and a 23 year old guy hit him...ugh...can you imagine? I think I would have a nervous break down if I ever hit someone. Poor guy. I have never seen anything like that so I think it just really hit me hard. When I thought that he was dead it really made me realize that we ARE mortal. I mean I know that but...I've never seen someone without life in their body. I'm not sure why I shared this. I guess I was really happy and thankful to know that he lived.

So, yeah...ok...have a great weekend everyone. It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

50th post! Let us celebrate this moment over chicken!

Weird title...yes, I know. Well, Jason's parents went out of town and so I made dinner for Jason last night. His mom is an amazing cook and I quite literally eat dinner at their house almost every single night. yummm. I fear marrying this guy because there is a really high bar set for me in the cooking department. He tells me that it doesn't matter and that I'm a good cook. I know he's lying, it does matter...the kid is ruled by his stomach. So I decided to make Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic last night. I'm not a huge chicken lover (at least compared to beef) but this is pretty yummy and really easy...and I think it's somewhat healthy! It's adds some pizazz to that ever so common feather winged dish. If you like balsamic vinegar, garlic, and mushrooms...I believe you may like this. Oh, and it's quite good with a little glass of red wine...yum!

For 4 servings:

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
salt and pepper to taste
3/4 pound fresh mushrooms (I use portabello but it doesn't really matter)
2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons of olive oil
6 cloves of garlic (I used 8! But I lovey love garlic!)
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup chicken broth
1 bay leaf
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon butter

1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Rinse the mushrooms and pat dry. Season the flour with salt and pepper and dredge (isn't that a good word?) the chicken breasts in the flour mixture. Heat oil in a skillet over medium high heat and saute the chicken until it is nicely browned on one side (4 min. or so)

2. Add the garlic (best ingredient in the whole world). Turn the chicken breasts and scatter the mushrooms over them. Continue frying, shaking the skillet and stirring the mushrooms. Cook for about 3 minutes, then add the vinegar, broth, bay leaf, and thyme. Cover tightly and simmer over medium low heat for 10 minutes, turning occasionally.

3. Transfer the chicken alone to a serving platter that's warm and cover with foil. Set aside. Continue simmering the sauce, uncovered, over medium heat for about 7 minutes. Swirl in the butter and discard the bay leaf. Pour the saucy mushroomy goodness over the chicken and serve.

And because EVERYONE likes a picture to go with their you go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A "New" Musical pursuit!

Well, I think that I am going to pick back up an old "talent". For 3 years I played the viola. Just when I was getting to a point where I felt pretty confident we moved to California. North Carolina has a way better in-school music program than California and I enjoyed it immensely! When we moved here there wasn't much for me to get involved in and so it got dropped.

So, yesterday I called around and found a place that will rent to me for a couple of months for a good deal. I have also been studying away...trying to re-learn all of that knowledge that it is in my head SOMEWHERE! Where oh where did I tuck it away at? I'm not expecting amazing things from myself...I can play my "air viola" and remember a lot of the finger positions and am able to still read the music. We will see though. Viola is a very "needed" instrument...most people opt to play the violin or the cello. Few actually choose to play the viola. Usually there is a need for them in orchestras. So yeah...I'm excited.

PS: I find that a lot of people have no clue what a viola is. It's a bit bigger than a violin. It's also tuned a fifth lower than a violin...I think. I love the sound. Gorgeous. It's so rich. It's unique also! It's one of the few things that are played in alto cleft. (That's in between treble and bass cleft). The viola is on the right in the picture. Ok, enough music mumbo jumbo!

Monday, March 24, 2008

fOuR tHinGS aBoUt yOUrS TrULy

A fun survey...and these are not in order. Just in the order that they popped into my head!!! :-)

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. McDonald's (oh yes!)
2. Care-giver for elderly man...I miss Cliff :-(
3. Grace Church youth intern/assistant
4. Administrative Assistant at the San Luis Business Center

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Little Mermaid (watched it every day after school when I was in 2nd grade)
2. You've Got Mail
3. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlee
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Four places I've lived:
1. Las Vegas, NV (Born there)
2. Atascadero, CA (Pre-school)
3. Fayetteville, NC (K-8th grade)
4. San Luis Obispo, CA (9th grade-present)

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Jeopardy
3. The Amazing Race (this is the only one where I watch it every time there is a new life goal is to be on the show. Jason and I should do it and we would be the "conservative weird Christian couple". We would totally rock!)
4. Myth Busters

Four places I have been:
1. Sri Lanka (3 times)
2. London
3. Spain
4. Tijuana, Mexico (if you can call it Mexico)

Four favorite foods:
1. lasagna
2. lamb kabobs (not shishkabobs sp?) but the kind in the wrap.
3. pineapple curry
4. ice cream? (does that count as food?)

Four places I'd rather be right now
1. Anywhere but work
2. On a plane flying somewhere that I've never been to
3. Living in a tribe (preferably not a cannibalistic tribe though) aiding them in something education (adventurous eh?)
4. On top of Cuesta Ridge about to do the single track down Morning Glory...that sounds fun.

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
1. An engagement ring maybe? :-)
2. Hopefully finding some sort of missions ministry to become involved in
3. Completing a quilt
4. Summer weather!

Four places I love to shop:
1. Art's Cyclery
3. Target (I think that this is everyone's favorite store)
4. REI (I wish we had one!)

Easter, pancakes, and warm, sunny days

I love sunny, warm weekends! I especially love it when Easter is warm and beautiful. Not sure why. I guess it's fun to wear spring time dresses. I didn't this year though. I wore a pink shirt...that's close enough. I also forgot to wear deodorant to church...ewww. I am not one of those dainty girls who barely sweat and when they do it hardly smells. When I'm hot, I sweat...and it smells rather ripe. So, sorry about the b.o. yesterday. Anyways...

The Good Friday service was...wonderful. Not sure what it was about it that I really loved. I think that my attitude and mind was just "prepared". It's funny the difference I see in my attention span and desire to worship when I "prepare" myself before service. On Friday I really tried to contemplate what it was that Jesus did for us through out the day. So, when I went to the service on Friday it was a continuation of the mindset that I was already in. Sometimes at Sunday services I feel distracted and scatter-brained. I noticed though that if I spend some time with the Lord on my own before going to church that I focus better and just seem to absorb more. I think I just get distracted to easily...oh well. I also loved the social time after Friday's service. I haven't done much of that between services lately because I've started teaching Sunday school and have to go straight there. I love teaching Sunday school but I didn't realize how much I missed that aspect of church until Fri. Oh well, if that's the only sacrifice I have to make in order to serve...I guess I can suck it up, eh?

So, the weekend. Jason took me to breakfast on Sat. morning. I am not a big breakfast eater but I L-O-V-E pancakes. They are my great obsession. I mean come on, you have bread, butter, and sugar. There just isn't much better than that. Breakfast dates are great too!!! Then we window shopped at the "Granite Staircase" and got a book on how to build your own climbing wall (it was free!). After that we ventured over to Art's where Jason got to joyously use a part of his tax refund to buy a new pair of baggies (Mountain biking shorts. They have the spandex with the "butt cushion" on the inside and the loose shorts on the outside). He was excited about that. He was eager to go on a ride to try them out but I had a headache so he went alone, and I went home and finished my mom's apron. After that I went Easter shopping and whipped up a little Easter basket for Jason...the good news is that I also got one from him! What a nice boy! :-) Somewhere in there we tried to convince Jason's parents of the benefit there would be in having a climbing wall built in their garage. They just didn't really see eye to eye with us...bummer. :-)

Sunday was very nice! Church, Sunday school, afternoon mountain bike ride, and family who feeds us. The Easter lesson with the kids was so good! I used colored jelly beans to tell the Easter story (which Dori also handed out in their Easter goody bags). I didn't let the kids use carpet squares and I sat on the floor with them. They were completely in my bubble and in my face but they PAID ATTENTION and were really into it. It's possible that this can be attributed to the fact that they had a cup of jelly beans in their hand which they knew they could eat at the end of the lesson. I would say a line of the story and call out the color that went with it and they had to find it in their"Black is for the sin and evil that was plotted that night". Then they repeated back to me what the color stood for. Good job kids!

So, the weekend was great. So nice. Now it's back to the grind!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday around the World and my two cents...

I was thinking about Good Friday today, and the actual name "Good Friday". I was wondering why we call it that. I mean, the actual act, in and of itself, that took place on this day was horrific. Yet, the fact that God's perfect will was carried out and that Satan was triumphed over was well...excellent! The Resurrection is such a strange and yet awe inspiring thing, and it's sort of fascinating to see what we as humans try to describe it as. So, I hopped online to see if everyone calls it "Good Friday". Here's what I found:

-The Dutch name "Goede Vrijdag" translates as Good Friday (like us).
-In Israel, Good Friday is known as "Great Friday". Many other countries hold to this name such as Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Sri Lanka and etc.
-In German "Karfreitag" is an old German word meaning Friday of Lamentation. This meaning though isn't obvious to many German speakers because of how old the word is.
-In Armenia it is called High Friday.
-In Russia it is called Passion Friday.
-In Ethiopia "arib siqilat" means Friday of the Crucifixion.
-In Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland they call it Long Friday.
-Many Chinese speaking areas call it Day of Christ's Suffering
-Arab speaking areas call it Sad Friday

Interesting. In many ways I like the one's that refer to the negativity of the day. Not sure why. I guess it really demonstrates the black and white, the good and evil for me. The evil of man and the murdering of our perfect Savior on the day of the crucifixion and the good and mercy of God on the day of resurrection. In other ways though I think that it isn't really about the actual act of crucifixion. The truth of the matter is that yes, Jesus, a perfect holy being, suffered, was tortured and maimed willingly...and for such sinful, terrible creatures as me. But it just seems like it can't really be about the physical torture alone (and yet it seems that we all place so much emphasis on it). I would guess that there are people who have been tortured even more so than Jesus, for even longer and in even more horrific ways.

It would seem that the true moment of pain, the climax on the day of crucifixion, is that moment when Christ receives all of our sins upon His shoulders and He feels the horror of separation from God. That is the true moment on Calvary...the epitome of torture. A moment that no one else in the history of creation has ever experienced. What this felt like I cannot even fathom...nor would I honestly ever want to experience. perfect Savior did this willingly for you and I. He had such perfect communion with God but gave it up in that moment for me. "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" I think that on this Good Friday, these words will be repeated over and over in my head. I pray that I won't take lightly the sacrifice that was made by Christ, and may I look forward with joy to the celebration of the triumphal defeat of evil! Thank you Lord for what you have done!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

An interesting article on Easter and commercialism...

Found this on It's an article on why Easter is not an excuse for a shopping spree, unlike Christmas. I thought that it was interesting. It's interesting that this was put on MSN. I feel like the writer might be a Christian, not sure. I thought it was great how she said that Easter demands a real answer. "Yes," I follow Christ and believe Him to be Lord and Savior or "no" I don't. It doesn't allow for a "ok, maybe" answer. Read for yourself!!!

Friends, fun, and American Idol Icecream!

Jason and I hung out with some of our "couple" friends last night...we haven't hung out with these two in like 2 1/2 months (way too long!). We have friends that we hang out with seperately and we have friends that we hang out with together. Keith and Cara Badger are some of our "couple friends"...although we are definitely in different stages of life. The funny thing is that with them, it doesn't so much feel like that. They still feel like our peers which is really nice. It was great for Jason to hang out with Keith and bond over their current stage of life...that wonderful stage of life that some men go through...the one where they have no clue what they are going to do in the future. It's so refreshing for Jason to talk with someone who is going through it, vent their worries, feel understood, and just encourage one another. Thanks Keith!

Cara was a blast as always. I love her honesty and perspective on life. We always seem to laugh which is great! Gotta love good friends where you just feel at ease with one another. So thanks guys!

P.S. Anyone want a super yummy icecream flavor? We brought some icecream over to the Badger's house last night and it was a hit! It's Dreyer's Slow Churned American Idol icecream (that's right, there's even pop-culture icream!) The flavor though is "Mint Karaoke Cookie." We ate the whole carton last night! If you like mint'll love this. Yummy Yum!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Sheets...

Don't you just love new sheets? I do! There is just something so wonderful and refreshing about them. I bought a pair of sheets yesterday and absolutely love the fabric. It sort of reminds me of jersey cotton but much, much softer and not so stretchy. They are completely natural and organic too. Yay for the environment! :-) Anyways, the color is wonderful. They are sort of a deep orangish-pink. It's a very bold color but they are very springy! Love it. The best part...the set was only $11.99! Wow...what a steal! Now I have two sets of sheets...that will be nice when it's 10:00 at night and I realize that I forgot to put the sheets into the dryer. I guess I won't have to sleep in my sleeping bag anymore! Yay!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Something profound...

Have you ever wondered why it is socially unacceptable to have a mullet but just fine to have your hair half up and half down? Isn't the latter style pretty much the's just more like a mullet that you can go back on? Judge for yourself...

You must admit...there are some undeniable similarities. I'm wearing my hair half up today and when I looked at it in the mirror it reminded me of a mullet. Hence my exploration into the true similarities of the two hairstyles! this will make you think twice before you put your hair half up. :-)

Monday, March 17, 2008

What the Hail? lol.

I will preface this by saying...the format on some of my posts really bugs me. I always want it to double space for new paragraphs. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And what is up with the weird spacing in these first few paragraphs? Oh well. **EDIT: I am the MASTER! I busted into the HTML of this post and messed around with it until I got all of the paragraphs to double space! I'm on my way to being a full blown computadora nerd!

Also...sorry about the title and my foul mouth! :-) I couldn't resist! Shock or offend anyone? Hope not. hehe

This weekend was a little...different. The very fact that I had 48 hours to do whatever I wanted was beautiful in and of itself. It was sort of a strange weekend. The weekend before last was so beautiful and warm. This weekend was cold, rainy, and I some how managed to get hailed on TWICE! What in the world!?!

(10:30am) Jason and I went mountain usual, on Sat. morning. We decided to do a little bit of an easier ride and take the Grade side up to the top of Poly Canyon and Shooters rather then going up the Cal Poly side. (Granted, I realize that these names probably mean nothing to you). As we were riding up Stage Coach Rd. we could see that there were some serious rain clouds looming ahead. We thought about turning around but decided to just go for it. So, we rode along. Eventually Jason pulled away from me and I began my fight up the mountain alone. It was pretty cold but out of no where hail started to dump down...those little suckers sting when they hit you. It was really loud too...they kept bouncing off my helmet. The hail stopped and then came the rain. Burrrr. I had a windbreaker stuffed into my Camelback and so I stopped underneath a tree to pull that on. The moment I stopped (and I felt fine...tired, but fine while I was riding) this wave of nausea came. It really felt like I was going to lose it. So weird! I squatted down and closed my eyes and the feeling ended up passing. At that moment it was dumping rain and Jason came racing down the mountain. He suggested turning back. I agreed. We were pretty much to the top at this point so the actaul workout was done. We would just be skipping the fun part...the downhill :-(. Oh well. We are both fighting off this yucky cold and so figured it would just be better to stop rather than put more stress on our bodies. We rode back down the hill and when we got back to his truck we threw all of our stuff in and tried to warm our knee caps. They were pretty much frozen solid. So, that was that.

(1:00pm) We felt like weenies though...becuase it was STILL what it uncompleted ride. There's something really annoying and unsettling about turning back when you are supposed to ride to a certain destination. I always feel like a failure. We decided then to put the bikes away and go climbing instead. That was good...did some new routes...arrived to find that they took a whole wall down of routes that I had just learned...only to put up new ones. Sort of a defeating feeling, now I have to start all over. Oh well.

(3:30pm) Jason and I really like to go to Barnes and Noble and just sit and read. We both love books and magazines but neither of us want to actually buy them...they're expensive! So we go there, load up on craft books, moutain biking and climbing mags, tool books, and whatever else meets our fancy and park it...sometimes for as long as two hours and just browse what we have. It's fun. (And I'm sure B&N's just loves it) :-). Anyways, I remembered that I needed some stuff at the craft store and made a run over there while Jason read away. And guess what happend the second I stepped DUMPED hail on me AGAIN! What the heck? Where am I? It hurt too. It was hilarious to watch everyone just stop downtown. The whole city took cover under the awnings. I on the other hand was smart! :-) I knew that the hail would turn into rain at any second so, rather then wait until it does that...only to saturate me since I didn't have an umbrella...I pulled my hood on and kept walking. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy but I wasn't wet so hey, I was happy!

Ok, so, that's a really long winded, detailed way of telling you that it hailed in SLO Town! Who'd a thought?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Soap Box Time and Desk Spaces...

I remember telling someone when I was a senior in high school that I didn't think that this could possibly be the end times becuase it seemed to me that the world wasn't that sinful...all things considering. Lately I have been thinking about that. As a senior in high school my scope of the world stretched about as far as maybe San Luis County and Fayetteville, NC (where I lived before Cali). I thought that yes, there was sin; homosexuality, theft, lying, adultery...but those things happend in Abraham's time and it wasn't the end times then, so why now? My thinking 7 years ago was very innocent...but mostly naive. I never really read current events and I was very much in a bubble.

I still don't think that I understand the true depth of sin and the true fruit of having a world submerged in sin. I also don't expect that the world will ever change...not until Christ comes back. Lately though, I have been overwhelmed at all of the heart ache, crime, violence, and pride that is happening across the world. Jason is really good about reading and being educated on what is happening in the world...being proactive and recognizing the world for what it is, fallen...and praying for it in turn. I am not good at this...I would rather not know sometimes becuase I hate the helpless feeling that inevitebly comes with being educated on these issues. I am realizing more and more though that I am not helpless...or maybe I may be, but the God that I am calling out to is not!

The latest of the issues that have been bearing their weight on my heart is Sri Lanka and the state that it is in currently. I just hope that those girls at the orphanage are ok...that most of all they are trusting and praising God through the situation there. What was brought to my attention on Sat. by Jason was what it going on in Sudan...or what has been going on. We can't give money to help the country becuase who knows where it goes. What they need most is people to come and give medical attention and education. There are so many things that are going wrong. People are starving and meanwhile they are building a multi-million dollar underground cave to store seeds of vegetables and fruit in, just in case the world has a catastrophe and we lose them all. Not that this is necessarily bad...I just find it ironic. We are doing this so that future people don't lose out on vital nutrients and foods that they need to survive...but what about the one's now?

I don't know if this is the "end times" and I don't really think that it matters, even if it is. I just realize now that our world is in fact very sinful and fallen. I'm sure that it CAN get worse, although I hope it doesn't. Hmmm, not sure why I told you all of this. I guess it's just what I have been thinking about lately. So, sorry about the low note. Maybe I will try to leave off on a high note. So here is a funny/strange conversation that I had yesterday...

*phone rings*

Me: "Thank you for calling the San Luis Business Center, this is Anna, how can I help you?"

Lady: "Hi, do you rent out office furniture?"

Me: (thinking, "What in the world?") "Um, no, sorry we do not."

Lady: (irritated) What?!?

Me: (why is that so hard to understand) Sorry, we don't rent office furniture.

Lady: (with serious attitude) Well, it says right here that you do.

Me: (politely) Well, what does it say, can you read it to me?

Lady: (still with even more attitude) It SAYS that you rent offices and desk spaces. I want to rent a desk space.

Me: (at this point I'm not quite as polite, am actually quite irritated at her attitude and I say) Right. You can rent the DESK in the desk in the space that it is in. You can't take the desk and rent just that. I don't know if that makes sense. (of course I do, I totally just said that to be a smarty pants...oops, isn't that terrible).

Lady: (obviously feeling stupid) Oh, ok, bye. *click*

Isn't that funny? I got a good laugh out of that one. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that she was mean. I wish I didn't enjoy so much knowing that she felt so stupid after that. Oh well...what can you do!?! :-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tis the season... be pregnant?!?
Is it just me or is half of the female population that I am acquainted with pregnant? I think that in the last two months I have found out and know...9 people who are pregnant...yes, this includes you Jenny. :-) Sort of weird. Here is what I'm realizing, well, I have had two realizations lately...and they are both some what related in a weird way.

Realization #1: I was watching Wheel of Fortune last night and there was a girl on the show who looked like my age. I thought to myself, "Hey, I bet I'm the same age as her." When they did the little intro thing where they tell where they are from and what they do, she said that she was a 6th grade teacher. I thought, "What? You're too young to be a 6th grade teacher becuase, well, I'm too young to be a 6th grade teacher." Then it hit me....No, I'm not too young to be a 6th grade teacher. Weird. I really feel like I'm 19 or 20 still. I mean granted, I'm only 23 but I'm at the age where people have "professions," full blown 401K, retirement package professions. I don't have one of these, which I'm ok with but yeah...I just "feel" like everyone else should be in my boat.

Realization #2: I am at the age where my friends CAN be pregnant and it's not scandalous (that probably sounds terrible but I had a friend in 6th grade who was pregnant...I also lived in North Carolina so things were a bit different there). Weird. This is why I know so many people who are pregnant obviously. So, I guess the rest of the world is growing up fast and Jas and I are taking it a little slower than the average Christian couple. That's ok. The Lord has His ways and we know He is perfect and sovereign in all that He does. is pretty fun all things considering. It has a lot less responsibilities...not that we will do it forever. Gotta be realistic now! :-)

And is my purse that I made.

Here is where I messed up...
And here it is in full along with the printer at my work, (it's kind of a slubby purse-I don't know if that description helps you at all but it's the first thing I thought of). It looks lop-sided becuase it has my sweater in it but it actually isn't-surprisingly enough!
Next on the list of things to make before I bust out the quilt....pillows and a rag doll!!! Random eh? Yay! I'm excited for both. The pillows are for yours truly and the rag doll for Jason's niece Alexis. (I'm practicing my mad sewing machine skills on other things before I go and ruin something that costs a lot of $$$, i.e. a quilt)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3 Day Weekends are the Best!

Yesterday I took a day off and had a three day weekend. We were thinking about going snowboarding or seeing "Wicked" in LA but we ended up just hanging out. So, here are the happenings for the weekend/Mon:

-Went on a ride. Ben's bike broke and so he had to turn around and go back...never fun. We kept going though (don't worry, we tried to turn back with him but he insisted that we should keep going and not turn back.)
-Had Muzzio's for lunch...a deli downtown that has all of this yummy imported food. My favorite sandwich has fresh buffalo mozzeralla, basil leafs, roma tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar on a sourdough roll...YUMMMM! We also spotted some "Lady Fingers" while we were there and so that inspired Jason to make his true authentic Italian tiramisu (a recipe that he got from his italian professor in Italy). Needless to say, Jason's parents and I were quite excited to get to take part in that treat!

-Went to church, which is always fun!
-Had lunch with my fam at Costco...yum! :-)
-Went climbing at SLO-Op and conquered some new routes...which my arms are still sore from!
-Watched the edited version of "Troy" on AMC. It was ok. It's one of those movies where you can truly say, "Everyone dies in the end."
-Stayed up till 12am and finished my purse that I have been working on. I like it. The colors are bold but fun. It was a simple pattern...well, there wasn't a pattern. I think I saw the same design somewhere and went with it. Let's see if I can get a picture on here.

-Slept in...yay!
-Went to Linnea's for lattes and apple turnovers.
-Browsed Mountain Air Sports.
-Tried climbing again...big mistake. I was so weak and tired from the day before.
-Went on a ride...that felt good.
-Got my $10 tax refund in the mail...wowie wow, I will try not to spend it all in one place.
-Even more exciting, I got my fabric samples in the mail. Yay. I think that I will be going with the last fabric post. It's super fun!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The happenings of 5 minutes ago

"Excuse me but you have something on your chin." -Random man who walks into the office.


"Um, yeah, you have something on your chin." -Random man who walks into the office

"Oh, really?" -Me

Frantically grabbing a kleenex and wiping chin thinking, "what could it be? mental check: what did I eat, oh gosh, a bean and cheese burrito."

Random man who walks into the office leaves...(weird, did he see the cheese on my chin through the office window and think, "What a pathetic girl, someone needs to tell her that she has a huge piece of melted cheese stuck to her chin, I'll go do that right now") He didn't even say why he came in! Maybe HE was embarassed and felt ackward and so he left. I don't know.

And now I'm sitting here, some-what embarassed, and yet...I can't help but laugh at myself. So, the next time you eat a bean and cheese burrito...look out for the cheese. Nobody likes a cheesy chin!

**Edit: So the guy ended up coming back an hour later and asked for a lawyer's office. hmmm...where did he go? Anyways, I wasn't really embarassed until I saw him walking up the second time...then I was really really embarassed. I think it's becuase he left right after he told me about my burrito blunder without saying anything. I really think he left becuase he felt ackward. What a weirdo. He actually did seem "different" when he asked for the lawyer's office. He had a weird beanie on...not that that is the mark of a weird person. Ok, I'm done.

*Sigh* It's Friday

Here is a super corny little poem about Friday that I thought of in the shower this morning...

It's 6am, the alarm clock sounds,
I can't seem to get up today.
The fifth day, it seems like the tenth,
I push the snooze, "just five more minutes,"
Maybe I can call in sick?

I come to my senses, throw off the covers,
And scamper to the shower.
Open the drawer, look at my jeans,
But some how end up in trousers.
Comtemplate flip-flops, those won't go
Grab uncomfortable shoes.
Paint on make-up, a wet sloppy bun?
No, that just won't do.
Plug in the blow dryer, brush my hair,
Run out the door, I'm five minutes late.
I forgot my lunch, and to brush my teeth,
But wait...

Today is the fifth day and we know what that means...

It's Friday and tomorrow I can...
Push the snooze a hundred times,
and pretend to be sick.
But, who wants to do that when it's Saturday
and I can wear my jeans and "flips"
I can not brush my hair, and not wear make-up,
although I probably will. :-)
I can do whatever I want, it's the weekend and...
can you tell that I'm only slightly thrilled?!?

So, here's to all of you working peeps who know exactly what I mean!!!:-) I would imagine that this applies also to all of the very noble stay at home mamma's who get to have their husbands home to help with the kiddies! Yay for Friday!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A New Look

Well, I changed my Blog and...TADA! Here it is in all of it's glory. I had some fun trying to make it "unique". Not sure if that's possible in the Blog realm but I did my best. Anyways, I changed the title, went with a biking theme, and used red as an accent. I'm loving red accents lately...paired with almost any color. The title seemed appropriate because at this point life for me has so many possible directions that it could take. So, rather than freak out and stress about what may or may not happen, I'll just trust the Lord and go along for the ride...and it reminds me of mountain biking so there you have it!

On another note...can I just say that I love Julianna Wiskow! What a fabulous person!!!! She discipled me, Autumn, and Jenny for a year or so. She moved to Colorado my freshmen year of college and I've seen her a couple of times since then. She did a spontaneous vacation to CA with her roomie and I managed to get work off so that I could hang out with her yesterday. We caught up on all of the latest happenings in our lives, had Woodstocks for lunch, went hiking up Bishop's, and enjoyed our 78 degree weather. What a fun time! Thanks for a great day Julianna!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Under Construction...

My Blog is under construction, please pardon the mess! :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another fabric option...

This designer is Sandi Henderson and her line is called Ginger something...I can't remember the name. Anyways, here are some fabric swatches. I want 11 prints for my quilt and so I'll have to search out 2 more prints to go with this. What do you think?

Monday, March 3, 2008

I stole $10 and a box of cookies from a Girl Scout

So, I went to the bank on Fri. Upon arriving I saw that there was one of my beloved Girl Scouts selling those yummy Carmel Delight cookies. I had just took out a $20 bill from the ATM and so I bought a box for "$6". I place $6 into quotes for a reason! :-)

When counting out the change to me the little girl went, "10, and 1, 2, 3, 4, $14!" I said thank you and walked away. It was 6:00pm and it was pretty dark at that point. I didn't count the money becuase I couldn't really see it. I just stuffed it into my wallet. After that I went to the movie store and got a movie. When I went to pay for the movie I was going to pull out the $10 bill I thought I had. It wasn't there. All I had was a $20 bill and 4- $1 bills. I was so confused. So I paid for the movie and sat in the car wondering how this could happen. Then it hit me! The little girl...probably becuase it was dark and she couldn't see either, gave me BACK my $20 thinking that it was a $10 bill and gave me 4- $1 bills to go with it. So, I basically ended up with a box of Girl Scout cookies and $4 more then I started with...since the box cost $6 I pretty much gained $10 out of the deal and the cookies. Anyways, when I went back to fix the damage done they had already left. Darn. Sorry Girl Scouts of America. I'll try to make it up to you! :-)