Monday, November 17, 2008

Jason and I are the proud owners of THIS hot set of wheels...

So, Jason went to Washington and came back with a mini van. Basically his incredibly generous sister and brother in law bought a new van. Instead of trading their old one in they decided to give it to us as a wedding present. Not bad eh? Ok, granted...I've said to myself over and over..."I will never be a mini-van mom, I will be an SUV mom." But, here I am, not even married with a mini-van. Honestly though...IT'S A SECOND CAR! Jason and I have been "sharing" his truck...i.e. Jason, the incredibly kind and generous boyfriend/fiance let's me drive it a lot and he sometimes drives it. Sharing a car could be okay except for the fact that we live in two different homes. That makes it complicated. When I don't get to drive his truck I ride my bike. It's very nice to realize that I can drive whenever I want. Yay! His sister said that we can keep it or sell it...depending on what we end up doing and whether or not we need the money. We'll hold on to it for now though. I will say though that it's not easy to register an out of state vehicle. Tough stuff I tell ya!!! Anyways, so that's our surprise blessing. The Lord is SO good!!!

Oh, and the picture above isn't actually the van...though it looks the same. Ours has a good sized crack in the wind sheild that needs to be fixed. We'll get around to that soon I'm sure. :-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guess what I did...?

I went to the beach and wore a BIKINI!!! Oh yes, that's right. I went to the beach in NOVEMBER and sat in 80 degree weather....I love California! The plan was to work today. There didn't end up being that much to do though. I'm reading the last book of the Twilight series...yes, yes, me too! I decided "Hey, I'm going to use this opportunity to go to the beach and read!" When I opened my drawer to look at the bathing suits I saw my cute $4 bikini that I got from Ross. It hadn't been touched. I bought it because it was cute, cheap, and would want it once I got married. As I sat and looked in my drawer I contemplated my current skin tone status...tannish (for me) legs, that is up till my shorts line. My thighs are stomach it WHITE. My shoulders and arms are an ok shade. And my lower back is white. A nice conglomeration of skin tones...all on one body. So I thought...hey, why not? So I wore it. I didn't go with anyone that I knew. I didn't see anyone that I knew and I sat kind of away from everyone. The funny thing is that I was just another bikini clad girl in a crowd of hundreds. I probably drew MORE attention to myself in a one piece...funny as that is. It was nice too. It was WAY cooler. My back and stomach sweat so much in a one piece. I didn't feel all that awkward...though I didn't see anyone that I know. It was fine. The stomach is a shade it's just white instead of transparent! haha. My face got the most sun. Not sure how...I had a shirt over my face or a book in front of it the whole time. hair is a shade usual. I guess that's good. I was starting to get "winter roots". I'm not really a "natural" blonde. I would be a dark blonde if I never went into the sun. It's so reactive to the sun's rays just bleaches it like nothing else. I hadn't been in the sun for a long period of time in a couple of months so I was actually getting "roots". So, that was my bikini experience. Not bad. I'll still wait to wear one in front of Jason though until after we're married :-) haha.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello all! I hope everyone has had a good week. Mine went pretty well. Not too shabby at all! :-) So let's see...what has happend since the last post?

Well, Tuesday we voted and had marriage counseling. I'm pretty sure that we only have two left. Wowie! A little crazy. We're also at the "Less than 3 month" mark. Weird. These last few months have flown by. We have Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, and then Christmas a month later. After Christmas is New Years and then the wedding will only be about a month away. CrAzY! And yet quite exciting! :-) The holidays coming up are going to make this time fly by.

Jason and I were supposed to have our engagement shots yesterday. He ended up going to Washington instead to see his sister and baby #3. Now he has 2 nephews! Litte Chase. So, he's been gone since...well, only yesterday. He'll be back on either Saturday or Sunday. I kinda miss the guy! ;-) No really, it's really weird when he goes away...or I go away for a while. It just seems...unnatural. I'd say that's a good thing though! hehe.

I have a big to-do list for this week to get done while he's gone. So, here it is:

  • Order my veil
  • Order envelopes
  • Meet for flower appt.
  • Fix upholstery in truck
  • Call the cake lady
  • Get invitations cut and ready for print
  • Enter all guests and addresses into computer
  • Wash the truck
  • Call Judi
  • Figure out the questions we didn't know from our marriage mtg.
  • Turn in Chile app.
  • Purchase bridesmaid sash fabric
  • Finalize our registries

It think that's it. I guess that's good. It will keep my busy! :-)

Anyways, I'm off to watch o movie that I rented...a girlie one. One that Jason would not want to watch...though he probably would if I asked him to. BUT...I'll save him the trouble!!! :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008

Well, I'm still in shock but...Obama is our new president. It was so odd. We were watching the Decision 2008 thing. One by one, McCain was gaining states. Obama was ahead and yet...I thought, hey it's still not over yet. Then we went to a commercial. When it came back to the program it had a picture on the screen of Obama with a "The New President of the United States." I was in shock! WHAT!?! Jason thought that it was a mistake...that they put that up too early. But, it was true. During that commercial break Obama received his 270 electoral votes making him the new president. They should have broke it to me a little more gently. I was kind of mad! :-)

My thoughts are's kind of cool that he's a minority...that we as a country are over that. But that's about as far as it goes for me. The news and everyone went on and on and on and on about the fact that he was black. Everyone was crying in Chicago. Not sure why but it irked me. I said to Jason, "Who CARES what color the man is...Is he going to be a good president!?!" I kind of forget that he's considered "black". Not sure why. Isn't he part black, white, and some middle eastern? It took me a while to realize that he's the first "black" president.

So...Obama won. I'm "ok" with it in the sense that there is not a think that can be done. We can pray and trust the Lord. I was amazed at how much of an idol Obama is to so many. Most of the people that I know are McCain supporters and so I think that I was a bit naive going into this. I did not realize how obsessed people are with was really weird. It will be sad when he too lets them down.

So, I guess that's my two cents on all of this. Not sure what else to say. Is it true that Prop 8 passed??? I tried to find the results but it may be too early. I thought I saw somewhere that it did though. My source may have been facebook though...not sure how reliable THAT is. hahaha