Friday, April 18, 2008

San Luis Weather Bugs

Is anyone else ever annoyed with the weather in SLO? I grew up in North Carolina and we had full blown seasons. When winter came my mom would pack up all of our summer clothes and put them in the attic. When summer came she would bring them back down and put all of our winter clothes in the attic. When it was winter, it was cold. When it was fall and spring it was warm. When it was summer, it was HOT! San Luis, on the other hand, switches seasons DAILY! For two days it was 93 degrees, and then the next day...65 degrees with a piercingly cold wind. Yesterday was gorgeous, hitting 80 degrees or so...and today is cold...and this weekend is supposed to be one of the coldest weekends in a while. Jason thinks its funny how happy I get when it's hot. I LOVE hot weather...I'm pretty sure that God accidentally gave me the skin I have. With the way that I love the sun and hot weather I'm convinced that it would have been a better idea to give me beautiful tan skin. Oh well. If I ever become a missionary it will take a complete act of God to send me somewhere cold. Maybe I'm meant for hot weather for a reason. Everyone seems to melt in the heat but I definitely come alive! :-) Oh, and big. I grew up in 100 degree summers with 100 % humidity. Sri Lanka and New Orleans had nothing on me! But heaven forbid the temperature drops below 70...then I turn into a big baby!!!! :c) Is it wrong to sometimes be okay with the idea of global warming? A warming globe...that sounds like a permanent summer vacation to me! Wahoo!

**Note #1: I'm sorry to anyone who does not live in SLO and is probably thinking, "Oh be quiet Anna. You are lucky that you even get ONE day of nice weather. It's still winter where I live." Yes, you are right, I am completely insensitive. :-)

**Note #2: I do not really hope for global warming! :-)
And for your enjoyment...a cartoon. In North Carolina I was at summer camp and we had a BBQ. I set my fork down on the ground and when I found it a half an hour later it had melted a little. Funny Stuff.


Jenny Fugler said...

This is funny... and your Note #1 was meant for me, wasn't it??

Anna Lyons said...

Yeah, pretty much. I was thinking Olivia too but she's in Arizona now and it's quite warm there! :-)