Friday, April 25, 2008

In Honor of Jason's Birthday!!!

A Birthday Tribute

I really, really think you're sweet
Even though you love to eat
If given the choice between me and pie
I don't believe you'd bat an eye
Pie is always number one
There is nothing to be done
Your stomach is your inner voice
You listen closely, you have no choice
This is my poem, it is all true
Happy day of birth to you! I a poet or what!?! Today is Jason's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON! Yay!!! His family does not do cake for birthdays, but rather they have birthday pie. Jason and his dad are pretty much obsessed with his mom's apple pie. It really is amazing, but I'm just not in LOVE with apple's not always my first pick. I think that I like peach a little more (which is pretty much blasphame in the Evangelista house). he gets pie and he is only slightly happy! :-). There is a running joke that I shouldn't ever get in the way of him and his sweets!!! Thus, the poem!


Jenny Fugler said...

Hey, we started doing pie here for Trav's birthday! He finally decided that he likes pie better than cake, so why has he been doing cake all his life??
Happy Birthday Jason!
From Trav and Jen and Pat :-)

Kristen Borland said...

ha! that's so funny! sometimes i give mike a hard time about loving steak more than me! i don't try to stand between him and his cow!

my dad always had apple pie instead of a birthday cake growing up (and still does). i'm not a huge pie person, but i'm with you on the peach pie! mmm...