Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sustainability and Honoring God

There is this really neat ministry in Kenya that Noel Piper blogged about in today. It reminded me of the Laity's actually. Cara Badger told me about how you guys would love to get into the farming world and that you are passionate about sustainability. I'm not a "crazy tree hugger" but maybe a "moderate tree hugger". I don't think that the care of the environment should ever be more important than the care of people (or that we should ever treat earth as "God"). Often times though, as Noel Piper explains, the care of the environment seems to go hand in hand with the care of people. The key is placing God at the fore front of it...honoring Him first and fore most. So...if you are interested, give it a read.


Brianna Heldt said...

i like that, a moderate tree hugger. :) i agree, it should never trump people, but they DO seem to go hand in hand. i struggle though with finding truly accurate information, and finding a good balance. because what might help people in the short term could harm others in the long's complicated. looking forward to reading this!

Lara said...

A wonderful article! Thanks for sharing it. Taking care of God's earth and caring for God's people totally go hand in hand. Realizing that is exactly what has gotten Darin and I interested in sustainability. Many many people suffer when creation isn't treated the way God intended us to. For us it's never been about the earth but about the people who suffer when the earth is damaged.
This is such a huge topic. I hope people continue to learn more about it.