Monday, April 28, 2008

My Sunday...

Jason and I went and saw "Wicked" yesterday. It was SOOOOO good! I just loved it. I think I smiled the whole way through! The music was great, the costumes were gorgeous, the acting was was just so good. Our seats were pretty much perfect. The Lord really blessed us with that. We had a perfect view. It was completely worth every penny spent. I highly recommend it to anyone.

It was a bit much for one day but we managed it. We left at 7:45am and drove down, getting there at about 10:30am. Then we parked right off so that we wouldn't have to fight the parking battle. We walked around on Hollywood Blvd. and checked out the "sidewalk of stars" (what's the official name for that?) I thought that the Stars were a lot more...official. They go all along Hollywood Blvd. and most of the people on them I don't even know. We found Jackie Chan and Mister Rogers...oh yeah, definitely got a picture of that!!!! There was a Farmer's Market down there and we got some cool, funky Mexican Guava's...yummm! After that we had lunch and then went to the show at 1pm.

It was hot outside (the theatre was very cool and pleasant though)!!! I didn't realize that it was 96 degrees. I think I got pretty dehydrated. We walked a lot and at the show I started getting stomach cramps. We got dinner afterwards at this yummy Italian food place and we both drank about 5 glasses of water! We ended our Hollywood experience with a stop at American Eagle on the way back to the car. Jason got this really handsome aqua blue polo shirt. He picked it out, and I was very pleased to see that it wasn't navy blue or black! Way to branch out on the color wheel Jas. We drove back home, and I dropped Jason off at about 9:30pm. Not bad! I slept so hard last night...I was definitely pooped! :-)

Yesterday was so refreshing. Jason and I were both so excited, because it sort of felt like we were traveling. We both love traveling so much. It was really nice to have a change of pace...even if it was for just a day. I feel more motivated to be at work and just...renewed. Thank you Lord!!!

*Note: I forgot to mention that the trip was not void of the typical "Me making a fool of myself" moment. Yeah, I ran into a pole. I was holding Jason's hand and we turned to get off the sidewalk and walk across the cross walk...I was looking at some people across the street, turned with out actually looking at what I was turning into, and ran into the the crosswalk, giving all the cars who were stopped at the light a great spectacle to laugh at. Oh well. What can you do? Jason thought it was hilarious obviously. I think it's his fault. He obviously didn't give me enough room...he practically led me into the pole. :-)


Our Life Together said...

I am totally jealous that you got to see Wicked, Anna. I'm been trying to get Kevin to take me forever. So glad you enjoyed the show and that sucks you had to drive so much. :(

How is your ankle feeling??

Anna Lyons said...

For it only being the second day it's actually a lot better. Still a little swollen but I "almost" walk without a limp. Yay!!!