Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today, Tomorrow, and Friday

Today is Jason's family birthday gathering...yay! That means super good food and fun. Tomorrow we do our weekly "Badger house visit". That's always fun. Friday is Jason's real birthday and I get off at 1pm...Hallelujah!!! I'm taking him out to the Jaffa cafe'. They have giro's and kabobs. We LOVE the Oasis cafe so hopefully Jaffa will be a hit too. We've never tried it.

So, here is my cake idea for Jason. I am going to make a "Madonna Mountain Biking Cake" (or San Luis Mtn :-)..."M" and all. It will be a mountain with dark green fondant frosting all over it. It will have a carmel frosting path going up it. On the path I'm going to put a miniature toy mountain biker going up it. So, the "front" of the cake will have a white "M" on it with a mountain biker on the path...and yeah, that's my rough sketch of it so far. I will try to take some pictures of it. If it looks ok, I will post them. If it's a disgrace to all cake decorators out there, I won't :-). The trick is getting the actual cake to look like the image that I have in my head. We will see! :-


Jenny Fugler said...

Great cake idea... I think I always do that though, plan something really great in my head, then it turns out awful. But good luck! And you made me laugh out loud with you paint comment on my blog. I said the SAME thing to Travis last night when I read it! Geeze Louise! I'm still painting. It's not like I'm being dumb and locking myself in a small room with no ventilation painting! I'm a smart preggo woman! (oh, and I sometimes still change the kitty litter!!)

Jenny Fugler said...

Okay, you make me laugh WAY too much!