Friday, April 11, 2008

To cut my hair, or to not cut my hair...that is the question

Ok, actually the hair needs to be cut no matter what. It's been more than a year since it's been cut and is getting pretty gross at the ends. The question is more about HOW MUCH to cut off. Part of me really wants to lop it all off...about as short as I did a year ago. I kind of like it long can do more with it. I always THINK that I will wear it down and blow dry it...making my "amber waves of grain" (only Jenny will get this) look nice and pretty. The reality though is that I NEVER wear it down, I rarely brush it, and it always goes into a sloppy bun. So, cutting it seems practical.

I have a lot of hair but it's actually quite fine. It gets pretty heavy though when it's long. It doesn't stay in a bun when I I have to put it in a pony-tail. It grosses me out when my pony-tail is long enough to swing and get caught in my sweaty arm pit...blaaah. Hmmm. Cara brought up the very valid point that long hair is much better for know...for a wedding maybe. :-) Leave it to Cara to think of that. So...maybe trim it now and then lop it later???


Liv said...

I was actually thinking the same thing as Cara, so yes go with the trim now, and do a really cute short cut later!

Jenny Fugler said...

Is that you in the first picture?? I love your hair and have always wanted it, but honestly, I always think you look so cute both ways. I think you look really stunning in the second pic... wasn't that your senior pic? Yes, Amber waves of grain... you're such a classic American.

Kate said...

haha Anna I miss you humor. Glad I can get a piece of it on your blog! And I say trim. That was the one mistake I made. I always wanted my hair long for my wedding. Well I didn't think I was getting married for a while, so I lopped it off. Little did I know I would get married a year later and I ended up getting extensions. haha. so ya trim.