Monday, April 14, 2008

My Weekend in a Nut Shell...

This whole weekend consisted of at least 90 degree weather. Warm much!?! I absolutely loved it! All of it except for when I had to get into Jason's truck with his leather seats. I pretty much instantaneously started sweating...sweaty back, sweaty rump, sweaty thighs...mmmm, yummy. I love hot weather though. Yay!

On Saturday we were tough and went riding in the heat. The ride was actually not that great. I was sliding around every where while fun. Jason fell. It just wasn't "fun". Oh well. On another note, Jason told me he wants to try to be healthier. He feels like he could cut back on the sweets. I told him that I would be healthy with him too...because it's hard to be healthy when the person you hang out with the most is porkin' out on yumminess in front of you. Plus, I don't really move while at work so I should probably try to be a little could catch up with me one day...maybe. :-) So, we started our "healthiness" on Sat...boy are we lame at eating healthy. We kicked it off by having DOUBLE scoops of chocolate malted crunch ice cream at Thrifty's. Mmmm. It was so good. I honestly think it tasted better BECAUSE of the fact the we probably shouldn't be having it. Oh well. We'll start tomorrow! :-)

Also in the weekend there was a trip to the beach, coffee mug decorating at Red Hot Pottery with my fab friend Shannon, and turning my commuter bike into a more "road friendly" bike (with Jason's help!). I rode it to work today and it felt SO good. So smooth and fast. Yay. So...not bad, not bad at all.