Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Started One!

So, I finally started a quilt, and...I really like it! There is something really exciting about seeing it all come together. It's not a full size bed quilt, it's more like a couch blanky...that you can use for snuggling up and watching a movie. It will end up being 58"x64". The idea behind this was to be a "practice" quilt. I made a quilted pillow sham not to long ago and that was fun. I wanted to try my hand at something bigger though. I got all of the fabric for $22 at Beverly's. Lately I've been really into the more "retro" type fabrics. Since that's what's "in" right now those fabrics are a bit more expensive (and granted the quality is really good too). I instead opted to get 6 "half-off" prints in various floral prints and get one expensive print of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern (Beverly's ACTUALLY had like 5 prints from the line!) I wasn't really keen on the fabric when I bought it but now that it's almost put together...I think I like it. It's very sweet. The retro dot print from Amy Butler really ties it together well too.

So, I'm doing Amy Butler's Brick Path's on her website under her free patterns. It's not a square though like hers is...obviously! :-) I am also not putting any pom-poms at the corner's...not really into weird hangy things on my blankets...or on anything for that matter! :-)Anyways, I cut all the pieces out on Sunday and sewed all the rectangles together into the strips on Monday and last night. Tonight I plan on pressing all the seams (blah!) and then hopefully by the end of this weekend I will sew all the strips together. She didn't actually quilt the layers together and I'm pretty sure I don't really want to either. I have some different ideas as to how I want to secure the layers better than just a seam along the outside but we'll see if any one of them really happen. :-) So, I will post some pics soon. Here are a couple of things that I am in love with right now because of this experience. I am sure that I would not sew if I did not have them:

1) My rotary cutter, mat, and ruler...did people REALLY cut every piece out one by one with scissors? Ugggh. Props to the peeps in the old days!
2) My "Little Engine that Could" aka my old sewing machine. I can't believe that people actually sewed whole quilts (and clothes) by hand once upon a time. It feels like it takes a long time on a machine...not to mention how annoying it is when my "bobbin runs out of thread"...heaven forbid, I might actually have to DO something other than press the pedal! :-) haha


Jenny Fugler said...

So, are ya going to move out to Kansas or what??

I totally agree with you on the rotary board and cutter. Totally.