Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello Wicked, Here we Come...and THANK YOU Lord!

So, I just bought "Wicked" tix for THIS Sunday at 1pm. Yay! It's really cool actually. We were searching for tickets for the last week and a half. We kept holding out for something better, but as the time got closer the tickets got worse. I could only afford to pay $95/ticket (which is SO much money...ugh.). Yesterday evening, while at Jason's house, we decided to see what we could get if we paid $200/ticket. It ended up being Row N seat 105 and 106. That's right smack in the middle of the stage, 13 rows from the front...just right. (I was told not to sit in the very front because then you can't see all of the stage.) Jason was contemplating putting his money toward it so that we could get those really awesome seats. This is supposed to be MY birthday gift to him though...I really didn't want him to have to put money toward it. But guess what...I searched for $95 seats today again, and I came up with Row R seats 105 and 106. That's only 4 rows back from the $200 seats but for half the price....YAYYYYY! So, I scooped those puppies right up! I'm so excited. I think what happens is they try their best to get rid of all the junk seats. Then right before the event they put the $200 seats up for sale for the price of the $95 ones. I guess it's better to receive half the money for them then have them be vacant. So, thank you Lord!!! What a blessing and we are so very excited to see the show! We are doing a day trip...obviously :-) and it will be a crazy day of driving. I'm sure it will be worth it though! Now I just need to find a sub for my Sunday school class........:-)


Kate said...

Hooray!!! I know you will have a marvelous time! I can't wait to hear about it.