Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hmmm, what to write about today?

My right arm is so sore. I have no idea why. I haven't lifted weights or anything. I haven't climbed since Sunday, and it became sore yesterday. Weird. I did something obviously...ha! I held a huge stack of paper with my right arm on Tues. for a long time. I remember now. I remember trying to answer the phone afterward and having my arm shake from fatigue. Thanks for helping me remember. That's pathetic. Paper made me sore.

On another note...
I had a couple of VERY vivid dreams last night. Well, actually more like this morning. I attribute it to the highly uncomfortable state I was in. Last night I tried rolling my hair into strips of fabric and tieing it to make my hair curly. I saw it on Pride and Prejudice and wondered if it would work :-). Wow...I was quite uncomfortable. At about 4am I was fed up and went to the bathroom and took it out. It worked...I had very pretty, wavy/curly hair. Relieved to finally feel like I wasn't sleeping with rocks under my head I fell back asleep. This is when I had my two dreams.

Dream #1:
I was at my work and my co-worker Stacy was there too. The office was full and bustling and it was 11pm. A guy came in and said that he was the Internet guy and he received a report that we were having trouble with it. We didn't think much of it and then suddenly he put his arm around Stacy and was getting "fresh". I decided that he was in fact a bad man and that this was a hoax...he wasn't the Internet guy. I told Tony and Mark (who work at my work in real life too) that they had to stop this guy. So they went and found him in the building. I guess they beat him up, but he got away. (Sort of a violent dream...I wonder what it means...:-P) Finally it was time for me to be picked up by Jason. He was joking around though and kept driving slowly in the parking lot like he was going to leave me. I was scared because I thought the "bad Internet guy" was still at large and I just wanted to be safe in the car. So, I threw a hissy fit and collapsed on the ground with all my stuff strewn around. Jason got mad at my attitude and drove off. Then I was really scared and started running home...very slowly of course because no one can run at full speed in their dreams! :-) The End.

Dream #2:
Jenny Fugler and I walked in to MY house together. The whole Jeffrey family was hanging my house (weird). Again it was 11pm and yet it was completely light outside. We kept talking about how strange it was that it was light outside. When we walked in though we noticed that two old friends from like 5 years ago (Zac Marshall and Aaron Didlake) were there too. We said hi to them and decided that we should hike Bishop's peak. So I brought my climbing shoes that I could boulder. The last thing I remember is hiking on a trail and turning around to talk to someone...with my climbing shoes slung over my shoulder. Weird huh? And that's the end of dream #2.

Gosh, aren't dreams so weird. These two were some of the most vivid dreams that I have had in a long time. I thought that they were real. I mean...what makes your mind dream certain things? Another weird dream that I would sometimes have, (especially when I was in school) would involve some random person that, at the time, I didn't know. Then the next day, while walking to class I would SEE that person and be totally weirded out. Obviously I saw them before the dream because we were probably walking to the same classes each day...I just didn't realize that my mind was tucking information about them away in my head. The mind is such a strange thing. Have you ever lost something and then dreamed about where it was. I found two things this way! That was exciting!


Jenny Fugler said...

I think your blog is my favorite to read because I laugh so much! Thanks for dreaming about me... how random with Zak and Aaron. :-) Oh man... yes, my mom used to tie our hair in rags and make it curly. I even did that in college once and it came out awful. I'll link you to the picture. Ummm... I've been having really vivid dreams too lately - although I heard that's a side-effect of pregnancy (well, not really a side-effect, but you know what I mean...). Love you.

Jenny Fugler said...

it's the second picture of me.