Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some thoughts on the Future

I have no idea what I will be doing 2 years from now. I have no idea what I will be doing in a year for that matter. I have dreams. I have many aspirations. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the future and all of the possibilities that could come to fruition. I know that the Lord has a particular plan for my life...I just kind of wonder when it will be revealed TO me! I did not choose a major that ties me down to one particular job. For the most part, if you were an engineering major in college then you got a good paying, engineering job right out of college. I was a Philosophy major...Jason was a Spanish major...hmmmmm. Sometimes it's sort of disheartening when people laugh at our major choices...kind of like a "Wow, you guys picked the wrong majors." Actually, we've been told that very sentence a couple of times. I think it's funny because in my head I'm thinking, "Yeah, you're right, I should have been an engineering (or some other) major even though I have zero interest in it, hate math, and would probably be miserable...but by golly, I would have a good paying job right out of college!" I chose Philosophy because I really love it...it's the only thing I had an interest in. Jason chose Spanish for the same reason.

People have told us that the freedom we have...to do whatever we want, is exciting...even something to be envious over. I'm not really convinced yet. We seem to be leaning toward teaching English abroad but there really are SO many options. How do you just choose one? What if Jason got his credential and decides he hates teaching? What if we teach abroad for a year and it ends up being a fun time...but then what? These are some of the questions that plague us. I need to be reminded that no matter what happens...it will STILL be God's amazing plan coming to life. The Lord will provide something else for us if teaching isn't it. So, maybe you could pray for us. Some sort of direction would be wonderful, but I think that what is even more important and valuable is contentment. Patience and contentment are so huge in life. We are having trouble with it and this isn't even a big deal...all things considering. If we can not handle or be trusted with the small things how will we ever be trusted with the large? I want to be faithful and praise the Lord...no matter the situation.


Jenny Fugler said...

Join the military! :-)

J/k - I somewhat know what you mean. Keep hanging in there. God has your life all mapped out. Crazy to think, huh?