Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hmmm...Some Thoughts

Jason and I had a conversation last night about how we feel "bored" with life. It's not really with life as a whole I guess but more so with the stage that we are at right now. So much of it feels meaningless. I know that much of it is my own fault. Life is as meaningful as you make it. If I choose to drown my life in only fleeting activities (like mountain biking) and not take action to transform and make every day an opportunity to share and portray the Gospel, than it's my own fault. I am guilty of this far more than I even know.

Also, my job seems so very mundane...and silly. I mean what is it that I really do? I don't have that many opportunities to talk to people and most of the time I don't even feel needed here. I've looked for other jobs, but I don't want to get paid less until my student loans are paid off...2 1/2 more months until I have freedom from all debt...yaaaaay! I really need to try harder...to pray harder...to shoot higher...and yet...so often I don't. Hmmph. I need to make every moment extra ordinary, and I am so very quick to forget the power and need for prayer in order to make this happen. Mr. Sabosky reminded Jason and I on Sunday in a great conversation of the amazing power of prayer. So, today I no longer want to be stuck in this rut. Today is as good a day as any other to start giving each moment to the Lord...for Him to use. I don't want to be "bored"...I want to be in love with the Lord and His will for me at this point in my life. I want to cherish every sacred moment he gives to me. I pray that the Lord will be glorified through me some how while I'm here at this job.

Does anyone know what I mean? Isn't it hard to just remember that where we are at right now...at this moment...is a part of God's great and perfect plan, no matter how mundane it feels. It's hard for me.

*Note: I'm not depressed :-)...although this post isn't all that peppy! (I chose to put a very happy picture at the top to maybe counter balance it!) I really am quite happy. It's just something that I have been thinking about lately.


Jenny Fugler said...

Yes, I totally know what you're saying. I feel that way often times, especially moving more here to there, never really taking root some place. But I do pray for consistency and obedience to do great things for God. You have a dear heart, Anna... and by the way, you spell my nieces name with an "h" on the end. :-)