Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a loooong day yesterday was...

I felt ran ragged yesterday. I woke up early to start working at my new job. I had a few pieces to enter and mail. Part of it is that you have to print the postage off of your printer. Well, I haven't used my printer for a while and some how something in it got bent when I moved it last. Bummer. So, it's dead. I had to decide what I wanted to do from there. I went to Office Max and they didn't have anything super cheap. Then I went to Staples and looked at what they had. They didn't have the most simple model that I wanted but the cheapest one they had was a scanner/copier/printer for only $50. It was an HP and was on some sort of super sale. There was only one left. I realized that it would be best to get it because Jason and I will need something in the future and we need something for printing off our invitations.

So...I had a spontaneous spending moment. I don't normally have those moments...especially not that much. I bought the printer and took it home. I installed it onto my laptop and then realized that I need the boxes to ship with that I left with Jason on accident. So, I went over to his house, got the boxes, and went home. Then I went online and started working. In the middle of it all my Internet connection was temporarily lost and so I thought I had lost all of the shipping info that I had been typing in. I was running out of time before I had to go to my next job and re-entered it all...only to find out that it had actually saved it. Hmmm. Oh well. After that was all done I took it to the post office and then went to work. So, I have a new printer. Not sure if I love it but it will do.

So, I'm leaving today to go camping with the fam. I will be back on Tues. Jason isn't coming because it's the last couple of weeks of his job. It wasn't good timing. I feel a little bit overwhelmed. I felt so scattered brained yesterday. Jason was driving me home when he asked me if I needed a tent! I realized that I did. I needed a tent and a mat to sleep on. So, we drove back to his house and he went up in the attic and pulled the stuff down for me. Thank you Jason! I basically get back from the trip and then work all day Wed-Fri. Then Jason and I are having a yard sale on Sat. I have to move out of my studio that same weekend and store the things that are worth keeping. I already told the guy that I rented it from that I wasn't going to clean it when I left because it was filthy when I came. That's nice I guess. So things are going to be busy busy the next couple of weeks. Also, some where in there I turn 24. Wow, that's old!!! :-) I honestly totally forgot about my birthday until Jason's mom brought it up. "Oh, yeah!" ha. I think maybe the hub-bub of getting engaged and all that jazz over shadowed it. Who knows.

Well, until Wed. everyone!!!

PS: I am so tired! The Olympics are killing me! They always put the good stuff on at like 11:30pm. I'm such a sucker for some of the events...hmmmm. Going to bed after midnight and getting up at 6:30 is starting to wear on me. Maybe I should have a little more coffee???


Cara said...

Hey Anna-
I talked with Lisa a few days ago and found out that you are now working for her (I'm assuming you were shipping her stuff). I'm so excited for you....I loved working for her...she's pretty much the best boss ever. Well I think about you and your wedding plans a lot - you are such an exciting time of life :).

Jenny said...

Anna banana! When you coming back!? I miss you... can I have the baby on your birthday?? I want her out!