Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love our town!

So, my work cut me back on some of my hours...sad. It's not like I need to be making a lot of money...I just think that I should be using my time wisely and saving as much as I can during this time. So, I thought that maybe I would start cleaning houses again. Not ideal but I can work it around my already existing work schedule. So, I hop on Cal Poly jobs and find a general housecleaning post. I look at the name...Donna Weber. Hmmm. Sort of sounds familiar. Whatever though.

So, I give her a call and start talking to her. She asked me if I have ever cleaned houses before. I said yes. She asked if I had ever cleaned in SLO. I said yes. Then she wanted to know who so she could call and use her as a reference. I tell her Dori Iunker's name. She says, "Oh, I know Dori. How funny! Wait do you go to Grace?" I say, "Yes, I do! Do you?" She tells me she does and then her daughter chimes in the background, "I know Anna." Her daughter is Katie Weber who I had in Jr. High youth group. Funny stuff. Basically I have my foot in the door because we are totally connected...supposedly another girl called before me. So, she gives me the address to where she lives. I reply, "Oh! I know where that is. My Religious Studies prof lives on that street." She stated, "Oh, Steve Lloyd-Moffett?" I say, "yep!". Wow, do we live in a small town or what!?!

PS: If any one knows of anyone else that needs their house cleaned...let me know. I'd love to do at least one more (in SLO)!


Kristen Borland said...

so i take it you don't want to ride your bike to a-town? :)

Jenny said...

Do you want to clean my house? I'll be your friend for pay... I actually just want my shower cleaned. It's gross.