Friday, August 8, 2008

08/08/08 date! So, Mrs. J. Fug was hoping that she would have her Bella today. Then she would have a really cool birthday!!! Maybe she will...:-)

Also, the Olympics are kicking off today. I LOVE the summer Olympics. Gymnastics, diving, soccer, swimming...yay, I just love seeing the amazing display of athleticism. I'm particularly excited to see gymnastics and to also watch the very inspirational Dara Torres who is 41 years old and is competing in swimming. She has a two year old and she is the oldest Olympic swimmer ever. Last November in Germany, Torres clocked 23.82 seconds in the 50-meter freestyle short course, breaking the American record and making her one of only five women to swim the event in less than 24 seconds. The day after she got home to South Florida, she had a bone spur shaved out of her shoulder. She is one tough mama...and she is not a doper though people have accused her. (They test her often to keep her name clean) You should see how buff she is! She just works HARD! I think she's amazing. She humble, bold, a mommy, and is passionate about her sport. Maybe she knows Jesus...? Maybe not. Either way, I'm cheering her on!!!

On another note, I read an article on why a guy was refusing to watch the Olympics and support it. I understand his reasoning...being that China is not exactly a country of freedom. The issues with Tibet and Darfur are not to be ignored...are to be appalled and so, no, I'm not a fan of China's GOVERNMENT at ALL!

At the same time I also think that it would be a shame if we didn't support the athletes who have worked so hard for the last four years to get to this point. It's not the athlete's fault that it's in China. Also, though I don't like China as a political power...I think their culture is fascinating. The people of China, the every day citizens, are taking a huge part in volunteering (especially in the opening ceremony) to show the world their culture and heritage. I imagine it will be beautiful. So, I'm excited to see it. Anyways, I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


Jenny said...

I am excited about the Olympics too! I hope we can get them on our TV - What time do they start?? Hmmm... have to look into that.

And, although today would be an awesome birthday, alas, I think my daughter is not going to show up for awhile. :-( Went to the dr yesterday and he said I was only 1 cm dialated and that my "false labor" on Tuesday is common in first pregnancies. She could still show up on her due date! Which would still be semi-cool, because it also ends in an 8: 08-28-08.

Anna said...

Opening ceremony is 7:30 pacific time, 6:30 central...not sure when it starts for you though. :-)

Bummer. Well, 08-28-08 is still cool! :-)