Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wed-nes-day--Why don't we pronounce it like it's spelled?

As much as I don't exactly love work, I love the time that I have in the morning. I come in, open the office building, make coffee, and then sit down at my computer and do my blogging and Internet thing. Nobody is here practically, it's quiet, and it's like I get my "quiet coffee time" in the morning even though I have to go to work. It's nice...

Well, Jason and I are close to picking a date. We talked about it last night again. We basically picked two consecutive dates and we're going to see what works best with our fams. Baby's all about baby steps. As crazy as planning a wedding's nice to get little decisions and things done. It makes it more manageable. Of course, the ONLY things that we have done is sort of pick a date and look up the CA state requirements for a marriage license. hehe. Better than nothing I guess. :-) Oh, and I decided on the place and got the prices for a morning of pampering at a salon the day of the wedding. Wow, that's not cheap! It sounds fun though. I want to do it with all the bridesmaids. I always knew I wanted to do that for my wedding (one of the only things I've always known!) Other then that, I know nothing! :-)

Uggh, I just full on sucked my coffee down my lungs. Yuck. I hate doing that!

So, the rest of the week doesn't hold too much. Tonight Jason is going out to dinner with his cousin and I'm doing laundry! Uggh. It's gettin' down to the nitty gritty! Tomorrow night we are having dinner with Jason's brother and his wife. Fri night! I think we are back to our Costco pizza and rented movie routine. We have been being a little more extravagant with our date night and weekend activities lately. With the wedding and honeymoon in the far off horizon...we decided it was maybe time to go back to our "popper ways" to save a little more money. That's ok. I love Costco pizza. It's so cheap and greasy! Yum-o! Ok, happy Wed. all!


Kristen Borland said...

Have I ever told you how we chose a date for our wedding? We were trying to decide between two consecutive weekends (one would fall exactly on my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary but would only give us a week before we started school again, so the other option was the weekend before that so we'd have two weeks together before school). So we threw darts! Yes, a game of darts determined our wedding date! I believe we said that if the difference between our two scores was an even number, then we'd choose the first date. If it was an odd number, we'd choose the second date. And yes, we really did make a choice based on that! And, honestly, it turned out to be a great choice (my grandparents' anniversary)!

Liv said...

anna, email is
I have a inkling what your going to ask me.

Anna said...

Ha! Kristen! That's so funny. That's totally our style. Sometimes we do rock, paper, scissors. Sometimes we right "yes" and "no" on a piece of paper and draw it out. Love it! We'll probably end up doing something similar because so one has a preferance! :-)

Kristen Borland said...

you can borrow our dart board anytime. :)