Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tomorrow is Friiiiiiiiday!

Yay! The week has gone by surprisingly fast...which is nice.

Well, first off, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Olympics. Swimming is way cool and girl's gymnastics (the individual competition) starts tonight...yay! I was a little sad that they didn't win the team gold but...China was really good. Whether they're actually 16...I think they may be. I know they are super short and young looking but most of them have the adolescent signs of puberty up top...if you know what I mean. ;-) Well, gymnasts are really stunted in that area. Girls that are hard core gymnasts usually hit puberty pretty late. They're probably just starting it at 16. If they were younger than 16...they would be flat as boards. :-) At least that's my thinking behind. Could be totally wrong though...haha

I really don't have much to say. Not much is happening. Well, I will say that I have just been so thankful lately. The Lord has been forming and putting things together lately and I am just blown away. I don't deserve any of His faithfulness and yet that is exactly what He has shown Himself to be in my life...faithful. So, thank you Lord for your many, many blessings.

Oooh, also, two prayer requests. One, Jason went to the doctor yesterday because of his shoulder. They took some x-rays and are going to get back to him today. They said that either something was torn or he has some sort of rotator cuff syndrome. Anyways, the first one involves physical therapy and the 2nd one doesn't. He has health insurance but it's not amazing so it would be nice not to have to do physical therapy. I guess I just pray that they find a source to the pain and that it gets better. He's been plagued with pain on and for about 2 months.

Also, Jason's job at the power plant ends in about 2 weeks. I'm sure you can imagine how anxious he feels to find another job. He doesn't really want to do construction because of his won't ever heal if he does, and yet he doesn't want to do something like retail either. I guess we're at a loss as to what he should do and you can just pray that he finds something that will be a good fit for the next 8 months or however long.

Ok, welp, that's all for now. I'm off to go make some java!


Carrie Haughey said...

Love the new header picture!!! I need to find a good pic for my blog... How did you do it?

Anna said...

Ha! I picked a "theme" and then searched the web. Is that legal? I edited it on picnik too.

I tried to think of something that went with the title of my blog. I was tired of the bike thing. So I thought of the wind. Dadilions are very "in" right now! hehe :-)