Friday, January 30, 2009

About a Week...

I can't even believe that at this time next week we will being doing the rehearsal for the wedding...and then the next day...the real deal. The last couple of months have flown by and I will attest to the fact that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things that exists. I think if there was an endless supply of money then it wouldn't be so bad. But it just keeps disappearing! Weird. :-)

I still feel like there are quite a few details that need to be done. Jason and I went and got our marriage certificate yesterday. I can't believe they charge you $80 and then don't even give you a copy of it. You have to pay an extra $13 for that. Oh, the bureaucracy of it all! Anyways, there are some very exciting to-do's to get done this weekend (that don't involve the wedding!). If and when they get done I will tell you what it is. Yay!

So, I just ate a piece (well, more like a slab) of banana bread. I have larger then normal tonsils apparently and I think that I have a piece of the bread stuck in one. I usually get rice and random small things like that caught. Never bread. Hmmm, it's not all that comfy.

Anyways, I should be doing other work, and wedding stuff. Anyone want to take over the wedding planning for the last week??? I believe I just may be done! haha.


liz oelker said...

I can't beleive it either Anna. I can't wait to see pics (probably from everyone else posting as I'm sure you'll be enjoying your first moments of married life)
All the best as you embark on a new adventure of life :)

Cara said...

Hey Anna-
Wow only 7 days left! I read your post about needing help the morning of and I wish I could but I don't think I would be very productive with my 2 little "helpers". I'll call you if I'm suddenly free that morning :).....and our e-mail is

Love Ya!