Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Wow!

I find it really funny that at my most busiest times of life I blog the most. You would think that I would use the time a little better. I don't though. Oh well. So, first off. I have been hit with a pretty big cold. Not the kind were you are a little snuffly but the kind where you hang your mouth open so that you can breath. The kind that makes your voice sound like a man. The kind that you can't hide from anyone. Can you imagine it? "I Anna *sniff*, take you Jason *sniff* to be my lawfully wedded husband *sniff*. :-) Lovely eh? I have been taking Airborne, that weird thing you swab in your nose, eating oranges, grapefruits and everything else I can think of. bah. Oh well. At least the fatty zit that was on my forehead is finally going down. haha. What can you do eh? You just have to roll with it. You can pray though the cold gets better soon. Even just for the sake of better sleep.

So, tomorrow I have an appointment at Salon Lux for an hour massage. I am SO excited! Jenny, Kate, and Mrs. Jeff. got it for me for my wedding shower. People start coming into town on Wed. and so I think this massage will be perfectly timed. I've never had a professional one. Apparently it's a bit of heaven! yay!

So, if you volunteered to help with the reception decorating I will call you on Wed. to remind you. Just thought that you should know! Thank you so much for your help! You all are amazing!!!

Welp, 5 days. It's weird but I keep thinking that it's not actually that soon. Like maybe we have 2 weeks left. We had a meeting and it kept slipping my mind that it's really this Sat. That feeling scares me because I have had 3 or so dreams where the wedding day is here and we have nothing. We don't have nothing though. We have most things done and I'm about ready to get this show on the road!!!

Any last advice regarding the wedding before we make the plunge!??!

Also...I will probably be changing the address of this blog since my last name won't be Lyons for much longer. Hmmm, I like how short and concise Anna Lyons is. My new name will be a bit longer. Guess I'll get used to it.


Jenny said...

Oooh... enjoy the massage! And I certainly will be praying for your stupid cold... ahhh... the timing of things...

Kristen Borland said...

wedding advice? just enjoy it!!! nothing really matters that day except marrying the man God chose for you. let everything else go.