Monday, January 26, 2009

"Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking...into the future!"

Do you know that song? Hmmm, I do. I'm kind of a sucker for old rock. I think that Jason sometimes gets surprised when he gets into the car to hear 93.3 The Rock. Granted, some of the songs aren't exactly,, but you can just flip the station when those pop up. I love the old rock songs though that I know all the words to and can sing out the window at the top of my lungs...yes, out the window of the mini-van. 93.3 and the mini-van? Not sure how those can coincide, but they do! :-)

So, we are less then two weeks away people! Jas and I are kicking it into over-drive with all the things that we need to do. It's a lot of calls, final details, final payments, final meetings etc. etc. We also have to pack Jason up (which we have a great start on). We moved our friends Keith and Cara a couple of Saturday's ago and I looked at Jason all of a sudden and said, "Wait! You are going to be moving too!" So strange! Yet so good. We'll definitely save a bundle in gas! :-) These last couple of weeks have gone by soooo fast, and yet a little slow at the same time. I can see why wedding planners make so much money. It's a LOT of work. Our wedding is pretty simple too.

So, last Saturday I had a little bachelorette type party. It was quite fun. We went downtown and I had to complete a few tasks. One was explaining to a restaurant that we were out of money for our wedding budget and only had 25 cents for each meal to spend. I went to Mondeo's to do this. Guess what. They gave me a free meal! haha! We completed the night with a trip to Applebee's to have half off appetizers and desserts. Yum. It was a great "girl's night out" full of a lot of laughing! :-)

Anyways, I'm off to hit the hay! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I get to pick up my altered dress. Yay!